100% Organic Natural Pure Beeswax 500G Grade AA

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This amount is for serious users only!  500 grams is just over a pound of bees wax.  If you plan to be waxing floors in multiple rooms and polishing several pieces of furniture, this amount is for you.  Typically sent as 1 large bar.

Product Name: Bees wax

Type: Waxes & Polishes
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Maintenance Type: Wood Furniture
Shape: Solid
Range of Use: Household
Product PH Value: PH> 7
Function: Polish
Application Object (Floor): lipstick, soap raw materials, wood polish base
Cleaning Aroma: None
Cleaning Odor: None
Net weight: 500g-560
Shape: Square
Packing: 1pcs /500g-560g
Size: Random
Shelf life: 10 years
Packaging: pure aluminum foil packaging, clean
Applications: furniture polishing, lip balm, skin care product base