All SuperBee Local Honeys

What makes honey local?  I hear this question every day. There seems to a great deal of incorrect information out there. The truth is the Michigan pollen wild pollen bloom is largely homogeneous.  So as long as you buy a wild honey it should help your allergies.  It does not have to be right from your town.  In fact, you do not even need to buy it from us.  You can get it from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois, or Indiana.  The United States has multiple pollen blooms but the one for the Midwest is quite large. The same wild flowers grow in those states and a wild honey contains pollen from multiple flowers - and allergy symptoms are often triggered by a multitude of pollen types.

Some of our honeys are single pollen (mono-floral), raised in a particular flower growth in locations all over the world.  These are purchased for their unique taste not for their effect on allergies.  Everyone has a different reason for buying.  Your reasons are as unique. So do not discriminate.  Taste the rainbow.  Experience all the tastes the world has to offer.