I'm Jay. I know honey.

My family has been raising clover and wildflower honey in Michigan for nearly a century.  I used to work for a bank. When the Summer of 2012 rolled around, I decided to take a week off and take a tour of the state.  During my drive, I stopped off at the family farm to see my cousin Ned and have a cup of tea.  Ned gave me a tour of the honey shop and showed me something he had been experimenting with, flavored honey.  We hatched a plan for me to sell some of it down in my part of the state and BAM!  In three years, 3 flavors turned into 25!

Why would I stop there? Then I found out about specialty mono-floral honey – different floral types raised all over the world.

I bought some plane tickets, started globe trotting, honey hunting and importing the finest, rarest, most spectacular honey from around the world to be able to sell direct to you.

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