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You don't need to start with full bee hives.  You can begin with a small, 'starter' hive A.K.A. a 'Nuc'.  Start with one of these, get your feet wet, and THEN start adding full bee hives.  Nucs are great for letting the first time bee keeper learn the ropes. and figure out what your bees do and don't like.  Figure this out first, keep them happy, help their brood grow, and the honey will follow.

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pie, vinegar, vinegar honey pie, vinegar pie -

Vinegar may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to making a pie (let alone combining it with everyone's favorite sweet stuff), but if anyone can show you how, It's THIS GUY!

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Bee Hives, beekeeping, varroa, varroa mites -

Varroa mites are a problem for every beekeeper.  Here are a number of weapons you can use in your toolbox to help control their populations in your hives.

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Bee Hives, bee keeper, honey -

Tips and tricks to help you first timers and hobbyists get started!

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bee, bee hive, winterize -

Keep your colony beyond just one season.  How?  Winterize your hives so the bees stay cozy and comfortable.  Here's how!

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