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Luxembourg, multifloral, Salad -

Miel - Marque Nationale du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg is a premier honey that has near National Treasure status - AND it is a Multi-floral. In this entry, I tell you where to find it and give you an authentic application.

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chocolate, dessert, hazelnut, ice cream, raspberry, semifreddo -

If you are in the mood to treat yourself with more of a high-brow dessert, take up the charge to make this raspberry honey semifreddo.  You can change the flavor completely by swapping out 3 ingredients.

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Azerbaijan, Baku, honey cake, nuts and honey -

Take a tour with me around Baku, Azerbaijan to discover the best place in town for honey cake and where to find licorice honey (that's a real thing).

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pasta dish, Tagliarini -

Have a look at my quick-and-dirty recipe for Tagliarini.  This is a fatter-than-spaghetti noodle recipe that you can incorporate a variety of meats with.

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antique car, Argentina, lemon, lemon blossom, San Javier, Tucuman -

Argentinian Estancia Las Quinas Lemon Blossom Honey for your tea during your antique car tour of the Tucuman Mountains

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