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gaint asian hornet, giant hornet, Japanese Giant Hornet, murder hornets -

Asian Giant Hornets have made their way to the US.  Here is what you can do to help out.

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dragon fruit, ginger, lemon, plum, Pork -

Simple, 6 ingredient recipe for ginger honeyed pork roast.  You can also easily convert this to a plum honey pork roast.

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Flowers, perennial, seeds -

A brief 'How-To' on planting Phlox - The Where & When

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avocado, citrus, peanuts, raspberry jam, walnuts -

Avocado, citrus, and honey salad can kick your immune system into high gear - especially a good idea while Flu (and Covid-19) season, are still upon us!

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bees wax, charcuterie board, cutting board, honey, mineral oil, olive oil, vitamin E, wood, wood bowl, wood polish -

A quick 'How-To' guide to making your own wood polish with bees wax and either natural or mineral oil.

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