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For all you Veg-heads who said Hey Honey doesn't pay enough attention to you.  You asked for an all vegetarian recipe, you got it. (If any of you don't like tofu....

I don't want to hear about it).

Hugs & Kisses

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Simple, 6 ingredient recipe for ginger honeyed pork roast.  You can also easily convert this to a plum honey pork roast.

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It isn't every day that I get the shop to craft a new flavor combination for our honey, so when I stopped in to pick up last week's supply, you can bet this one knocked my socks off.  That's right - Orange Ginger is our latest creation!  Before you get it in your head that this one will compete with Lemon Ginger, allow me to allay those concerns right now.  As I mention all the time at the booth, lemon and ginger is best situated for dense fish steaks like swordfish.  The pairing for this one.... chicken stir fry!  I...

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