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Keep your colony beyond just one season.  How?  Winterize your hives so the bees stay cozy and comfortable.  Here's how!

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Don't just jump into bee keeping.  Get a teacher.  Better yet, get a mentor.  Learn from someone who has ALREADY made the mistakes you will make without their guidance.  Learning from a mentor is a proactive approach for creating success!

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What is a Rose hive?  Never heard of it?  It is a new development in hive-management.  Rose Hives are basically he same as the hives your Joe Average bee keeper uses, except instead of having two different size boxes (one for brood-rearing and one for supers), there is just one size box which can be used for either brood or honey.     The big benefit here is that you allow for rapid brood expansion.  There is no queen excluder in this set-up.  That means the queen can lay as many eggs as she can.  As you check the box, and the brood...

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