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Miel - Marque Nationale du Grand-Duche de Luxembourg is a premier honey that has near National Treasure status - AND it is a Multi-floral. In this entry, I tell you where to find it and give you an authentic application.

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"Is it local"?  "What do they feed on"? "Do you have buckwheat"? "Do you have 'Manuka'"?  Just a small smattering of the questions I get every day while selling honey at farmer's markets.  All these questions are intertwined.  As some of you know, if the bee hives are surrounded by a particular pollen type (flower) the honey they output will tend to be made up of entirely that flower's pollen.  For people out there who are suffering from seasonal allergies, wildflower honey (from within the pollen bloom (not necessarily within a few miles)) will allow your body to acclimate to...

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