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Bees wax is one of nature's most perfect compounds that aids in a whole host of products and processes from wood polish and steel tempering to candle making and book binding.  In this entry, I'll give you a how-to guide on making one of it's most popular uses, body cream.

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A quick 'How-To' guide to making your own wood polish with bees wax and either natural or mineral oil.

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There is nothing 'bad' about using less plastic with a hope of beautifying our environment and planet as a whole.  Beeswax wraps are a GREAT way to eliminate your use of plastic - specifically, plastic wrap.  Reusable, clean, sanitary and anti-microbial.  Cover your leftovers and wrap your lunch.  Pretty cool idea once you realize you no longer need to buy paper bags or plastic wrap.  Here are some vendors to check out: Bee's Wrap Abeego  

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