How To Make: Baby Bee Butter

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How To Make: Baby Bee Butter

Making Baby Bee Butter
Making baby bee butter may vary for different individuals since different products work for each person differently. So....... I will explain how you can make an all-natural baby skincare using bees wax as your key ingredient. You can alter some ingredients and swap them out with the ones you prefer, and you can also incorporate fragrances such as lavender to help your baby relax before you put them to bed. It is essential to consult a doctor to determine if certain products are safe for your baby and generally ensure that any product you use is safe for the baby's skin. Make sure that you are also using all-natural products instead of using store-bought products.

Below is a recipe for a baby body-butter that you can easily make from home using natural ingredients safe for your baby's skin. As previously mentioned, you can always infuse the all natural baby balm with fragrance. There are multiple fragrances you can choose from. Since they all offer different benefits, go for one that offers what you would like. Making your own safe and natural baby bee butter beats buying a store-bought cream that may contain ingredients that are not safe for a newborn's skin. Remember, it is far more delicate than ours.

Baby Body Butter Recipe

Listed below are the ingredients you will need and some tools that may come in handy.
  • Two tablespoons of organic bees wax
  • A quarter cup of almond oil
  • Two tablespoons of organic coconut oil
  • One tablespoon of organic cocoa butter
  • A double boiler
  • A whisk
  • A small jar

Those are all the ingredients you will need. As aforementioned, you can add fragrance if you would like. If you would like to add fragrance, add two tablespoons. However, even if you do not add any fragrance, the baby balm will still be excellent. It is also worth noting that you can exchange cocoa butter with shea butter. However, shea butter does not hold together as much, and it also does not have that chocolatey scent. You may notice that it is greasy, but that is okay since it will easily be absorbed into the baby's skin. 


The instructions guide will include body-butter that is infused with fragrance.
  • If the oils are not infused, ensure that you infuse them. Put the almond oil and fragrance in a heat-safe jar. Get a crockpot and pour some water in it, and leave the jar in the pot for an average of four to eight hours. Ensure that you start the crockpot on high heat, then gradually make the heat low to avoid damaging the fragrance herbs. Alternatively, the sunlight method also works effectively. With the sunlight method, you place the crushed fragrance herbs in a dry jar, pour in your oil, and ensure it covers the herbs. Close the jar and shake it, then leave it in a sunny area for about four weeks, after which you can strain the herbs from the oil.
  • After infusing your oils, use a mesh sieve to strain the herbs from the oils. You will be left with infused oil.
  • Next, you want to start making your baby bee butter. Place all the ingredients in a heat-safe jar. Put some water in a pot, place the jar in and have the water come to a slow boil.
  • As the ingredients are melting, make sure you are whisking them frequently. Once everything has melted, allow the heat to keep going for about three minutes to ensure that everything is well mixed.
  • Take the jar out of the pot.
  • Pour the contents of the jar into the container you will use to store the baby bee butter. Please do not touch, mix, or whisk the contents once you have taken them off the pot. Leave the jar out on your counter so that the contents can cool overnight.
  • Your baby bee butter will be ready by morning.

When your baby body-butter cools down, you may notice that the topmost part is slightly harder. There is no need to worry. Push your finger into the butter to get to the creamy texture of the butter. Remember that it is optional to infuse your almond oil with fragrance. Therefore, if you do not want to infuse your almond oil, you can skip the first step.

Your bee butter will still maintain the creamy texture. Again, I recommend you use ingredients are natural and safe. This baby bee butter will leave your baby's skin soft and silky. It is worth noting that naturally infused oil can last up to a year as long as you do not get water in it. You can always use essential oils instead of infusing your oil but keep in mind that even the all-natural essential oils are not safe for babies who are less than a year old.
I found a slightly modified process (using Shae butter & bees wax) on Youtube that you can watch below:

Benefits of Beeswax

Beeswax has several benefits. That is why it is essential to make it the primary ingredient when you are making body-butter for your child. For instance, it leaves the skin hydrated, and it also creates a protective layer on the skin. Therefore, the baby's skin will stay soft and hydrated. Listed below are a couple of benefits of beeswax.


It has moisturizing components, meaning that it locks in moisture which helps the skin stay plump and soft. Babies have soft skin, and sometimes it may be hard to maintain that soft texture. That is why you need body-butter that will ensure the baby's skin stays soft. It also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic properties that can quickly soothe irritated skin, meaning it is a good baby skin care product. If your baby has eczema, it can help significantly.

Protection Layer

As aforementioned, it acts as a layer of protection on the skin. Therefore, it is an essential ingredient to your baby bee butter since it will protect their skin from extreme weather or environmental irritants when it is applied to the skin.

Promotes Hair Growth

Other than soothing and moisturizing hair, it also contains moisture in the hair. It reduces hair loss and promotes hair growth.

Treats Diaper Dermatitis

It is essential to have beeswax as the main ingredient in your baby’s body-butter since it can help significantly with treating diaper dermatitis. It will soothe the baby’s bum and ensure that they are comfortable and not fussy. It also promotes relaxation.

There are multiple other benefits associated with beeswax. Mixing it in your homemade body-butter ensures that your baby's skin gets all the needed benefits. The best part about making your baby bee butter is that you are aware of all the ingredients used, and you are sure they are safe. You have to massage the butter into the baby's skin, which in itself promotes relaxation. Please make a point to try and massage the oil into their skin right before you get them ready for bed.
I also tripped across this video that details the benefits of bees wax for use on the skin:

Why Use Natural Products Over Store Bought

As aforementioned, it is essential to use natural products instead of store-bought products. Most, if not all, store-bought products use chemicals that are not good for your skin and the baby's skin. The ingredients used are also refined and processed, so some of them may lose their benefits. However, when you use natural products, you get all the benefits they have to offer. Natural products are also carefully and well selected, and you can always swap the ingredients and customize them to your liking.

While using natural products is great, it would help to consult a doctor if you are unsure about some ingredients. As mentioned earlier, natural products work for each individual differently, and you may also have to try different products before you find what works for you.

How Beeswax Was Used For Skin Historically

Beeswax can be used for several things, and its use dates back in time. Historically, it was used for multiple purposes, such as for the skin. Listed below are some of those uses.
  • Egyptians realized that it was essential in the mummification process, so they used it for embalming. To further preserve the body, they would also seal the coffin with it to ensure that it stays air-tight.
  • The Chinese used it for multiple purposes, such as an anti-aging property and for beauty enhancement. They also used it as a dietary supplement and for wound treatment.
  • It was also used in the manufacturing of cosmetics.

Baby bee butter has multiple benefits, as discussed above, and you can be sure that your baby's skin will maintain its soft texture. You can use various methods to make your baby bee butter, and you can always swap the ingredients and use those that work for you best. However, beeswax should be a constant and the key ingredient since it has multiple benefits. If you are not huge on DIY, multiple stores sell all-natural baby butter, and some even make bespoke kinds of body-butter for their clients. Ensure that you have carried out sufficient research and you know your baby's allergies so you can avoid using any ingredients they may be allergic to.
If you would like to see a blog entry on another of the many uses of beeswax, don't bee shy - reach out and let me know.  Odds are, I'll write about it.