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Tips and tricks to help you first timers and hobbyists get started!

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"You're going where?!?!  Dude, have you ever seen Midnight Express"?  I must have heard this reaction to my November travel plans 30 times in the weeks leading up to my site visit.  Friends and customers reacted to my work trip with a mixed cocktail of awe, wonder, and direct concern.  I am not a fan of using the phrase "My friends made me feel like...".  In truth, at my core, I don't really subscribe to the notion that anyone can make another person feel anything.  Your own personal choice, in my humble opinion, plays a gargantuan role in how you...

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Boudreaux & the Beehive

A four panel tale of commerce, straight-talk commentary, life in the market, and honey.  Tom Gerome runs his honey sales stand along with his business partner, the well tailored, but ill-mannered Boudreaux.

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It is a personally held belief of mine that our friends in France have a vastly more refined pallet than the majority of Americans.  Here is a tour through the city of Lyon to give you an overview on how to construct your next gastronomic adventure (plus, who to call for award winning Acacia & Heather honey).

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Check out my trip to Switzerland and what I learned about the Swiss's use for wildflower honey in a dessert that gives pecan pie a run for it's money!

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