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I’ve always been fascinated by Asia. That massive continent halfway across where I live. It teems with cultural charm, amazing architecture, rich cuisine, endless sceneries and so much more. And so my Asian adventure brings me to its southeastern part, particularly Chiang Mai Thailand where all the things I love about Asia abounds. It is a tourist drawer and it’s easy to see why. Its majestic temples alone are enough to fill your day with awesome wonders. I mean, these Buddhist temples, also called Wat, are absolute masterpieces! Intricately designed, these steep, multi-tiered structures must have been envisioned to be...

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A trip to Oregon, a recipe for S'mores that will make your mind disintegrate, and how to have an adventure in the North West that is better than what TripAdvisor would suggest.

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Our recommendation for a day trip in Maine from Portland to Bath, complete with a premier honey store, fishing charter, farmer's market and a DIY East coast dinner.

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Long Lists Are Over Rated Today I am giving you the short list of honey recipes that are turning the most heads when I mention them at the honey booth.  To bee fair (hardy har har) you can make these whenever you like but they are made most often in the Summer. Since I am such a swell guy, I'll even give you my honey pairing suggestion (I would do that anyway). #1 - Grilled Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings Some of you way know, I also operate a hot dog & grilled sausage cart.  Unfortunately I only grill sausage...

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