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For all you Veg-heads who said Hey Honey doesn't pay enough attention to you.  You asked for an all vegetarian recipe, you got it. (If any of you don't like tofu....

I don't want to hear about it).

Hugs & Kisses

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Have a look at my latest recipe suggestion.  Stuffed French toast - but for this mind blowing breakfast experience, instead of using just eggs for the soaking, you are incorporating vanilla ice cream.  Dessert IS for breakfast.

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Bees wax is one of nature's most perfect compounds that aids in a whole host of products and processes from wood polish and steel tempering to candle making and book binding.  In this entry, I'll give you a how-to guide on making one of it's most popular uses, body cream.

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Boudreaux & the Beehive

A four panel tale of commerce, straight-talk commentary, life in the market, and honey.  Tom Gerome runs his honey sales stand along with his business partner, the well tailored, but ill-mannered Boudreaux.

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It is a personally held belief of mine that our friends in France have a vastly more refined pallet than the majority of Americans.  Here is a tour through the city of Lyon to give you an overview on how to construct your next gastronomic adventure (plus, who to call for award winning Acacia & Heather honey).

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