A Better Looking Honey Tasting Experience?

A Better Looking Honey Tasting Experience?

So, if you are a visitor to my little honey booth, you certainly know that I ply everyone with sampling opportunities.  As I grow the Hey Honey brand, I am always on the lookout for specialty honey from around the world. I say it all the time: “Different floral sources yield different flavors”.  Why do I bring this up. Well, I figure that if you are reading this then you must have an appreciation of variety, right? If that's true, I also figured that you may have an interest in a description of some other unique honey that I do NOT have access to (after all, I may consider myself an authority on honey but I certainly do not have everything (yet)).

Enter these two English stunners I found on Youtube – Maddie Moate (Maddie Moate channel) and Sally La Page of Shed Science.  Both are far better looking than me and they orchestrated a first rate 'Pepsi Challenge' of honey to explore the tastes of six different honeys (none of which I offer):

  • Rape Seed
  • Conifer
  • Tyme
  • Portuguese Lavender  
  • Multi-Flora
  • Tropical Log

Their tasting experience works like the conversations I have at the booth but it is more of a chat among friends – which I thought would be refreshing for my viewer.  Hope you enjoy!


If you happen to fall in love with either of these girls, you can link to their channels below.

Maddie Moate

- Sally Le Page