Estancia Las Quinas: How to Experience Sweet Dreams In Argentina

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Estancia Las Quinas: How to Experience Sweet Dreams In Argentina

Product of Argentina

Normally, I would not promote the likes of a large, corporate honey producer.  However, in life, there are always exceptions.  Such is the case today with AGLH S.A. - Unless you grew up in South America, specifically Argentina, I would not expect you to have heard of this group.  They are a producer of premium honey products - much like your's truly (but much larger). As an organization, they have established management controls over beehives, collecting of the honey, and the filtration processes straight through to the bottling and labeling process. Their mission is to offer a product who's quality exceeds the expectation of their customers.

Not even sure how I tripped across their honey. What I can tell you is that their package design snapped my attention right quick.  That's the thing about having an operating budget of several million dollars - you can afford first rate aesthetics.

Now to a conversation about the product.  Of all the products that Estancia Las Quinas produces, their Lemon Honey caught my eye.  Not sure if you know this but Argentina is the world's premier producer/exporter of lemons.  As such, it is known for having first rate quality lemons and associated lemon products.
Tucumán specifically has the largest lemon plantation area in the world.  This is because the area is mostly comprised of valleys and subtropical forests.

 The Excursion To Parallel the Honey

I have absolutely no trouble admitting that I like the good life. That does not make me a snob - mostly because I think you should live it as well.  It is not that difficult (or as expensive) as you might think.  In keeping with my regular honey recommendation from a distant and exotic land, I have a recommendation for an outing paired with lunch. This outing includes a picnic.  Tea and assorted food items are included but bring along a small jar of the Estancia Las Quinas Lemon Blossom.  After all, if you are in Argentina, you might as well have an authentic foodie experience.

So, to begin, my suggestion is for a private tour by vintage car of the Tucuman Mountains. "Jay, that sounds overly specific.  Are you sure such a thing even exists"? That would be a hard 'Yes' - because I know you can't likely navigate Argentina on your own.  Antique Tour Experience is set up for exactly this mission.  You get the privilege of experiencing all of Tucumán’s natural splendor on a private half-day tour.  Why 'Vintage' - because you will be relaxing in the back of a vintage Ford A Phaeton. Listen up Playboy and Playgirls - you don't need to have Grant Cardone's billfold to enjoy this escapade.  The day trip is under $100 bucks. You want more?  Good Lord you're greedy!  That's cool - how about a personal chauffeur who doubles as a personal guide?  Good, because you're getting that too. 

(Photo credit - travelocity)

You no doubt expect to discover the picturesque scenery of the region and travel through indigenous villages like Villa Nougués and San Javier. (Yes - it's included). How about a guided tour of Yerba Buena, along with its Urquiza Plaza housed there-in (I have read several articles on this city and the same adjective keeps coming up to describe it - 'opulent'. The conclusion to your day is topped off with a glass of sparkling wine. 

Incahuasi Volcano  (photo credit - Flicr blog)

Christ Bendicente San Javier  (photo credit - Pixabay)

Your day trip includes tea/picnic service as well. THAT is why you need to bring the honey.  Naturally, the lemon blossom pairs with any tea Antique Tour provides but it is also a perfect fir for a raspberry scone so be sure to pick a few up at the local bakery prior to departure.

Viaja bien, mis amigos.