How To Make (with Honey): Tagliarini

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How To Make (with Honey): Tagliarini

Elegant but Simple (every single guy's two favorite words)

While internet dating may be all the rage, there is simply no replacement for breaking bread with another person.  Guys and girls, I don't care what new feature they put on Tweetface, or Chatster, Instasnap, or any of the other social media aps that you are trying to use as a shortcut getting to know a member of the opposite sex.  No tool on your smartphone is going to replace the actual heavy lifting of getting to know what a person is all about by breaking bread with them. 

Now I know you kids out there might not really into the complexity of cooking - at the on-set. Still, I have to tell you, complexity brings out flavor - especially with this recipe.  So stick with it.

Tagliarini 2    Ingrediants

Why do I mention customization?  Because, like with most pasta dishes, you can switch out all the veggies and/or meat to taste.  Some prefer an Alfredo sauce, some like spinach, whereas some want oysters or shrimp as opposed to beef. (However, if you want to do shell fish or muscles, be sure to consult another recipe to prepare/saute these items prior to adding them to the pasta).  I can not eat shellfish but boy, if I could...  In fact here is a recipe for garlic butter shrimp that sounds awesome and would go great with this pasta.

Now since this pasta calls for the use of chili powder and pepper jack cheese, I am going to recommend my chili pepper honey be used in the ingredients.  You can always go regular is the spice is too much.

Your Marching Orders

Heat oil in your skillet.  Toss in the onion, green pepper, garlic, and ground beef. Brown lightly, stir it consistently to allow it to heat evenly. Drain off the excess oil. Pour in honey, salt and chili powder and blend well.  Add the noodles, tomatoes and cheese; cover. Bring the contents to a slow boil, then turn heat to low. Continue cooking for about 30 minutes or until the noodles become tender.  This will yield approximately six servings.