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Look, variety is where it's at.  We grow our own honey but we also offer single pollen (monofloral) honey from around the world.  Why?  Because they all taste different.  And we believe in honey choices.  There is nothing wrong with some good ol' local honey, but just know that you may be limiting yourself from experiencing a HUGE range of flavors!   We encounter people all the time who tell us "they only want honey from within 5 miles of their house"-- even though they don't know why OR have been misinformed as to the particulars of what 'local' honey truly...

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Every day at my local farmer's market, customers ask me what they can do to help the bee population.  They want to know where to buy bees from, where to position their hives, how to build their own hives, etc.  And yet, I always give the same answer.. "Slow down and start with planting flowers.  The more flowers, the better!" The truth is, it depends when you are planting and how much room you have to work with.  But here is a general guide for you to follow:In early Summer, we have had a ton of luck with a couple...

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